KLSE Main Board

No Company Name Company Website
1 7-ELEVEN MALAYSIA HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.7eleven.com.my
2 A-RANK BERHAD [S] http://www.arank.com.my
3 ABLEGROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.gefung.com.my
4 ABM FUJIYA BERHAD [S] http://www.abmfujiya.com.my
5 ACME HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] https://www.acmeholdings.com.my
6 ACOUSTECH BERHAD [S] http://www.acoustech.com.my/
7 ADVANCE SYNERGY BERHAD [S] http://www.asb.com.my
8 ADVANCECON HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.advancecon.com.my/
9 ADVANCED PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY (M) BHD [S] http://www.advancedpack.com.my
10 ADVENTA BERHAD [S] http://www.adventa.com.my
11 AE MULTI HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.amallionpcb.com
12 AEON CO. (M) BHD [S] http://www.aeonretail.com.my
13 AEON CREDIT SERVICE (M) BERHAD https://www.aeoncredit.com.my/
14 AFFIN BANK BERHAD http://www.affin.com.my
15 AHB HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.ahb.com.my
16 AHMAD ZAKI RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.azrb.com
17 AIRASIA GROUP BERHAD http://www.airasia.com
18 AIRASIA X BERHAD [S] http://www.airasiax.com
19 AJINOMOTO (MALAYSIA) BERHAD [S] http://www.ajinomoto.com.my
20 AJIYA BERHAD [S] http://www.ajiya.com
21 AL-`AQAR HEALTHCARE REIT [S] http://www.alaqar.com.my/
22 AL-SALAM REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST [S] http://www.alsalamreit.com.my
23 ALAM MARITIM RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.alam-maritim.com.my
24 ALCOM GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.alcom.com.my
25 ALLIANCE BANK MALAYSIA BERHAD http://www.alliancebank.com.my/
26 ALLIANZ MALAYSIA BERHAD http://www.allianz.com.my
27 AMALGAMATED INDUSTRIAL STEEL BERHAD [S] http://www.aisberhad.com.my
28 AMANAH HARTA TANAH PNB http://www.ahp.com.my
30 AMCORP PROPERTIES BERHAD [S] http://www.amcorpproperties.com
31 AMFIRST REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST http://www.amfirstreit.com.my
32 AMMB HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.ambankgroup.com
33 AMTEK HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.amtek.com.my/
34 AMTEL HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.amtel.com.my
35 AMVERTON BERHAD [S] http://www.amverton.com/
36 AMWAY (MALAYSIA) HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.amway2u.com
37 ANALABS RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.analabs.com.my
38 ANCOM BERHAD [S] http://www.ancom.com.my
39 ANN JOO RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.annjoo.com.my
40 ANZO HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.harvestcourt.com
41 APB RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.apb-resources.com
42 APEX EQUITY HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.apexequity.com.my/cms/main.php
43 APEX HEALTHCARE BERHAD [S] http://www.apexhealthcare.com.my/
44 APFT BERHAD [S] http://www.apft.com.my
45 APM AUTOMOTIVE HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.apm-automotive.com
46 APOLLO FOOD HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.apollofood.com.my
47 ARK RESOURCES HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.ark-resources.com.my
48 ASIA BRANDS BERHAD [S] http://www.asiabrands.com.my
49 ASIA FILE CORPORATION BHD [S] http://www.asia-file.com
50 ASIA MEDIA GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.asiamedia.net.my
51 ASIAN PAC HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.asianpac.com.my
52 ASTINO BERHAD [S] http://www.astino.com.my
53 ASTRAL ASIA BERHAD [S] http://www.astralasia.com
54 ASTRO MALAYSIA HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.astromalaysia.com.my
55 ATA IMS BERHAD [S] http://denko.com.my
56 ATLAN HOLDINGS BHD. http://www.atlan.com.my/
57 ATRIUM REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST http://www.atriumreit.com.my/
58 ATTA GLOBAL GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.attaglobalgroup.com/
59 ATURMAJU RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.aturmaju.com.my/
60 AVILLION BERHAD [S] http://www.avillion.com/
61 AWC BERHAD [S] http://www.awc.com.my
62 AXIATA GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.axiata.com
63 AXIS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST [S] http://www.axis-reit.com.my
64 AYER HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.tahps.com.my
65 AYS VENTURES BERHAD [S] http://www.ays-group.com
66 B.I.G. INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.bigind.com.my
67 BARAKAH OFFSHORE PETROLEUM BERHAD [S] http://www.barakahpetroleum.com
68 BATU KAWAN BERHAD [S] http://www.bkawan.com.my
69 BCB BERHAD http://www.bcbbhd.com.my
70 BENALEC HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.benalec.com.my
71 BERJAYA ASSETS BERHAD http://www.berjaya.com.my
72 BERJAYA CORPORATION BERHAD http://www.berjaya.com.my
73 BERJAYA FOOD BERHAD http://www.berjaya.com
74 BERJAYA LAND BERHAD http://www.berjaya.com.my
75 BERJAYA MEDIA BERHAD http://www.berjaya.com.my
76 BERJAYA SPORTS TOTO BERHAD http://www.berjaya.com.my
77 BERMAZ AUTO BERHAD [S] http://www.bauto.com.my
78 BERTAM ALLIANCE BERHAD [S] http://www.bertamalliance.com
79 BIMB HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.bimbholdings.com
80 BINA DARULAMAN BERHAD [S] http://www.bdb.com.my/
81 BINA PURI HOLDINGS BHD [S] http://www.binapuri.com.my
82 BINTAI KINDEN CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.bintai.com.my
83 BINTULU PORT HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.bintuluport.com.my/
84 BIO OSMO BERHAD [S] http://www.bioosmobhd.com
85 BLD PLANTATION BHD. [S] http://www.bld.com.my
86 BOILERMECH HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.boilermech.com
87 BONIA CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.bonia.com
88 BORNEO OIL BERHAD [S] http://www.borneo-oil.com.my
90 BOUSTEAD HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.boustead.com.my/
91 BOUSTEAD PLANTATIONS BERHAD [S] http://www.bousteadplantations.com.my
92 BOX-PAK (MALAYSIA) BERHAD http://www.boxpak.com.my
93 BP PLASTICS HOLDING BHD [S] http://www.bpplas.com
94 BRAHIM'S HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.tamadam.com
95 BREM HOLDING BERHAD [S] http://www.bremholding.com
96 BRIGHT PACKAGING INDUSTRY BERHAD http://www.brightpack.net/
97 BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO (MALAYSIA) BERHAD http://www.batmalaysia.com
98 BSL CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.bslcorp.com.my
99 BTM RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.btmresorces.com.my
100 BUMI ARMADA BERHAD http://www.bumiarmada.com
101 BURSA MALAYSIA BERHAD http://www.bursamalaysia.com
102 C.I. HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.cih.com.my
103 CAB CAKARAN CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.cab.com.my
104 CAELY HOLDINGS BHD [S] http://www.caelyholdings.com
105 CAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD [S] http://www.cq!sb.gom.my
106 CAM RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.camres.com.my
107 CAN-ONE BERHAD [S] http://www.canone.com.my
108 CAPITALAND MALAYSIA MALL TRUST http://www.capitamallsmalaysia.com
109 CARIMIN PETROLEUM BERHAD [S] http://www.carimin.com/
110 CARING PHARMACY GROUP BERHAD http://www.caring2u.com.my
111 CARLSBERG BREWERY MALAYSIA BERHAD http://www.carlsbergmalaysia.com.my
112 CB INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT HOLDING BERHAD [S] http://www.cbip.com.my
113 CCK CONSOLIDATED HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.cck.com.my/
114 CCM DUOPHARMA BIOTECH BERHAD [S] http://www.duopharma.com.my
115 CENSOF HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.censof.com
117 CEPATWAWASAN GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.cepatgroup.com
118 CHEETAH HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.cheetah.com.my
119 CHEMICAL COMPANY OF MALAYSIA BERHAD [S] http://www.ccmberhad.com
120 CHIN HIN GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.chinhingroup.com/
121 CHIN HIN GROUP PROPERTY BERHAD [S] http://www.boonkoon.com
122 CHIN TECK PLANTATIONS BERHAD http://www.chinteck.com.my
123 CHIN WELL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.chinwell.com.my
124 CHINA AUTOMOBILE PARTS HOLDINGS LIMITED http://www.china-autoparts.biz
125 CHINA OUHUA WINERY HOLDINGS LIMITED http://www.ohuawine.com.my
126 CHINA STATIONERY LIMITED http://www.cstationery.com
127 CHOO BEE METAL INDUSTRIES BHD [S] http://www.choobee.com.my
128 CHUAN HUAT RESOURCES BHD [S] http://www.chuanhuat.com.my
129 CIMB GROUP HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.cimb.com/
130 CJ CENTURY LOGISTICS HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.century.com.my
131 CLASSIC SCENIC BERHAD [S] http://www.classicscenic.com
132 CLIQ ENERGY BERHAD http://www.cliqenergy.com
133 CME GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.cme.com.my
134 CN ASIA CORPORATION BHD [S] http://www.cnasia.com
135 CNI HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.cniholdings.com.my
136 COASTAL CONTRACTS BHD [S] http://www.coastalcontracts.com
137 COCOALAND HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.cocoaland.com
138 COMFORT GLOVES BERHAD [S] http://www.ircb.com.my
139 COMINTEL CORPORATION BHD http://www.comcorp.com.my
140 COMPLETE LOGISTIC SERVICES BERHAD [S] http://www.complete-group.com
141 COMPUGATES HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.compugates.com
142 COMPUTER FORMS (MALAYSIA) BERHAD [S] http://www.cfm.com.my
143 CONCRETE ENGINEERING PRODUCTS BERHAD [S] http://www.cepco.com.my
144 COUNTRY HEIGHTS HOLDINGS BHD http://www.countryheights.com.my
145 COUNTRY VIEW BERHAD [S] http://www.countryview.com.my
146 CRESCENDO CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.crescendo.com.my/
147 CREST BUILDER HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.crestbuilder.com.my
148 CSC STEEL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.cscmalaysia.com
149 CUSCAPI BERHAD [S] http://www.cuscapi.com
150 CWG HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.cwgholdings.com.my
151 CYCLE & CARRIAGE BINTANG BERHAD http://www.cyclecarriage.com.my/
152 CYL CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.cylcorporation.com
153 CYMAO HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.cymao.com/
154 CYPARK RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.crbenv.com
155 D&O GREEN TECHNOLOGIES BERHAD [S] http://www.do.com.my
156 D.B.E. GURNEY RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.dbegurney.com
157 DAGANG NEXCHANGE BERHAD [S] http://www.dnex.com.my
158 DAIBOCHI BERHAD [S] http://www.daibochiplastic.com/
159 DAIMAN DEVELOPMENT BHD http://www.daiman.com.my
160 DAMANSARA REALTY BHD [S] http://www.dbhd.com.my/
161 DANCOMECH HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.dancomech.com.my
162 DATAPREP HOLDINGS BHD [S] http://www.dp.com.my
163 DATASONIC GROUP BERHAD [S] http://datasonic.com.my
164 DAYA MATERIALS BERHAD http://www.dayagroup.com.my
166 DEGEM BERHAD [S] http://www.degembhd.com
167 DELEUM BERHAD [S] http://www.deleum.com
168 DESTINI BERHAD [S] http://www.destinigroup.com
169 DIALOG GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.dialogasia.com
170 DIGI.COM BERHAD [S] http://www.digi.com.my
171 DIGISTAR CORPORATION BERHAD http://www.digistar.com.my
172 DKLS INDUSTRIES BHD [S] http://www.dkls.com.my
173 DKSH HOLDINGS (MALAYSIA) BERHAD http://www.dksh.com.my
174 D'NONCE TECHNOLOGY BHD http://www.dnoncetech.com
175 DOLOMITE CORPORATION BERHAD http://www.dolomite.com.my
176 DOLPHIN INTERNATIONAL BERHAD [S] http://dolphinbhd.com/
177 DOMINANT ENTERPRISE BERHAD [S] http://www.dominant.com.my
178 DPS RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.shantawood.com.my/
179 DRB-HICOM BERHAD [S] http://www.drb-hicom.com
180 DUFU TECHNOLOGY CORP. BERHAD [S] http://www.dufu.com.my
181 DUTALAND BERHAD [S] http://www.dutaland.com.my/
182 DUTCH LADY MILK INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.dutchlady.com.my
183 E.A.TECHNIQUE (M) BERHAD [S] http://www.eatechnique.com.my
184 EASTERN & ORIENTAL BERHAD [S] http://www.easternandoriental.com
185 EASTLAND EQUITY BHD [S] http://www.eeb.com.my
186 ECM LIBRA FINANCIAL GROUP BERHAD http://www.ecmlibra.com
187 ECO WORLD DEVELOPMENT GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.ecoworld.my
188 ECO WORLD INTERNATIONAL BERHAD http://ecoworldinternational.com/
189 ECOBUILT HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.mmode.com.my
190 ECOFIRST CONSOLIDATED BHD [S] http://www.ecofirst.com.my
191 ECONPILE HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.econpile.com
192 EDARAN BERHAD [S] http://www.edaran.com
193 EDEN INC. BERHAD http://www.edenzil.com
194 EFFICIENT E-SOLUTIONS BERHAD http://www.efficient.com.my
195 EG INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.eg.com.my
196 EITA RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.eita.com.my
197 EKA NOODLES BERHAD [S] http://www.krb.com.my
198 EKOVEST BERHAD [S] http://www.ekovest.com.my/
199 EKSONS CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.eksons.com.my
200 ELK-DESA RESOURCES BERHAD http://www.elk-desa.com.my
201 ELSOFT RESEARCH BERHAD [S] http://www.elsoftresearch.com
202 EMICO HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.emico.com.my
203 ENCORP BERHAD http://www.encorp.com.my/
204 ENG KAH CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.eng-kah.com
205 ENGTEX GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.engtex.com.my
206 ENRA GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.enra.my
207 EONMETALL GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.eonmetall.com
208 EP MANUFACTURING BHD [S] http://www.epmb.com.my
209 ESTHETICS INTERNATIONAL GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.estheticsgroup.com
210 EUPE CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.eupe.com.my
211 EURO HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.eurochairs.com
212 EUROSPAN HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.eurospan.com.my
213 EVERGREEN FIBREBOARD BERHAD [S] http://www.evergreengroup.com.my
214 EVERSENDAI CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.eversendai.com
215 EWEIN BERHAD [S] http://www.eweinberhad.com/
216 EXCEL FORCE MSC BERHAD [S] http://www.excelforce.com.my
218 FAJARBARU BUILDER GROUP BHD [S] http://fajarbaru.com.my/
219 FAR EAST HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.fehb.com.my/
220 FARLIM GROUP (MALAYSIA) BHD http://www.farlim.com.my
221 FAVELLE FAVCO BERHAD [S] http://www.favellefavco.com
222 FCW HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.fcw.com.my
224 FGV HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.feldaglobal.com/
225 FIAMMA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.fiamma.com.my
226 FIBON BERHAD http://www.fibon.com.my/
227 FIMA CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.fimacorp.com
228 FITTERS DIVERSIFIED BERHAD [S] http://www.fittersgroup.com
229 FOCUS LUMBER BERHAD http://www.focuslumber.com.my
230 FORMOSA PROSONIC INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.fp-group.com
231 FOUNDPAC GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.foundpac.com/
232 FRASER & NEAVE HOLDINGS BHD [S] http://www.fn.com.my
233 FREIGHT MANAGEMENT HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.fp-group.com/prosonic/
234 FRONTKEN CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.frontken.com
235 FSBM HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.fsbm.com.my/
236 G3 GLOBAL BERHAD http://www.g3global.com.my
237 GABUNGAN AQRS BERHAD [S] http://www.gbg.com.my/
238 GADANG HOLDINGS BHD [S] http://www.gadang.com.my
239 GAMUDA BERHAD [S] http://www.gamuda.com.my
240 GAS MALAYSIA BERHAD [S] http://www.gasmalaysia.com
241 GD EXPRESS CARRIER BERHAD [S] http://www.gdexpress.com
242 GE-SHEN CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.gscorp.com.my/
243 GENTING BERHAD http://www.genting.com
244 GENTING MALAYSIA BERHAD http://www.gentingmalaysia.com
245 GENTING PLANTATIONS BERHAD [S] http://www.gentingplantations.com
246 GEORGE KENT (MALAYSIA) BERHAD [S] http://www.georgekent.net
247 GETS GLOBAL BERHAD [S] http://www.kbes.com.my
248 GHL SYSTEMS BERHAD [S] http://www.ghl.com
249 GLOBAL ORIENTAL BERHAD http://www.gob.com.my
250 GLOBALTEC FORMATION BERHAD [S] http://www.globaltec.com.my
251 GLOBETRONICS TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] http://www.globetronics.com.my
252 GLOMAC BERHAD [S] http://www.glomac.com.my
253 GOLDEN LAND BERHAD http://www.glbhd.com
254 GOLDEN PHAROS BERHAD [S] http://www.goldenpharos.com
255 GOODWAY INTEGRATED INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.giibworld.com/
256 GOPENG BERHAD [S] http://www.gopeng.com.my/
257 GPA HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.gp-products.com
258 GRAND CENTRAL ENTERPRISES BHD http://www.gcebhd.com.my
259 GRAND HOOVER BERHAD [S] http://www.hoover.com.my
260 GRAND-FLO BERHAD [S] http://www.grand-flo.com
261 GREEN PACKET BERHAD http://www.greenpacket.com
262 GREENYIELD BERHAD [S] http://www.greenyield.com.my
263 GROMUTUAL BERHAD [S] http://www.gromutual.com
264 GSB GROUP BERHAD http://www.gsbsummit.com
265 GUAN CHONG BERHAD http://www.guanchong.com.my
266 GUH HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.guh.com.my
267 GUNUNG CAPITAL BERHAD http://www.gunung.com.my
268 GUOCOLAND (MALAYSIA) BERHAD http://www.guocoland.com.my
269 HAI-O ENTERPRISE BERHAD http://www.hai-o.com.my
270 HALEX HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.halex-group.com
271 HANDAL RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.handalresources.com.my
272 HAP SENG CONSOLIDATED BERHAD http://www.hapseng.com.my
273 HAP SENG PLANTATIONS HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.hapsengplantations.com.my
274 HARBOUR-LINK GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.harbour.com.my
275 HARN LEN CORPORATION BHD [S] http://harnlen.com.my/
276 HARRISONS HOLDINGS (MALAYSIA) BERHAD http://www.harrisons.com.my
277 HARTALEGA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.hartalega.com.my/
278 HB GLOBAL LIMITED https://www.hbglobal.asia/
279 HCK CAPITAL GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.hckcapital.com
280 HEINEKEN MALAYSIA BERHAD http://www.gab.com.my
281 HEITECH PADU BERHAD [S] http://www.heitech.com.my/v2/
283 HENGYUAN REFINING COMPANY BERHAD [S] http://www.hrc.com.my/
284 HEVEABOARD BERHAD [S] http://www.heveaboard.com.my
285 HEXZA CORPORATION BERHAD http://www.hexza.com.my
286 HIAP TECK VENTURE BERHAD [S] http://www.htgrp.com.my
287 HIBISCUS PETROLEUM BERHAD [S] http://www.hibiscuspetroleum.com
288 HIL INDUSTRIES BERHAD http://www.hil.com.my
289 HO HUP CONSTRUCTION COMPANY BHD [S] http://www.hohupgroup.com.my/
290 HO WAH GENTING BERHAD [S] http://www.hwgenting.com.my
291 HOCK HENG STONE INDUSTRIES BHD [S] http://www.hockheng.com.my
292 HOCK SENG LEE BERHAD [S] http://www.hsl.com.my
293 HOMERITZ CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.homeritzcorp.com
294 HONG LEONG BANK BERHAD http://www.hlb.com.my
295 HONG LEONG CAPITAL BERHAD http://www.hlgcap.com.my
296 HONG LEONG FINANCIAL GROUP BERHAD http://www.hlfg.com.my
297 HONG LEONG INDUSTRIES BERHAD http://www.hli.com.my
298 HSS ENGINEERS BERHAD [S] http://www.hssgroup.com.my/
299 HUA YANG BERHAD [S] http://www.huayang.com.my
300 HUBLINE BERHAD http://www.hubline.com
301 HUME INDUSTRIES BERHAD http://www.humeind.com/
302 HUP SENG INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.hsib.com.my/
303 HWA TAI INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.hwatai.com
304 I-BERHAD [S] http://www.i-bhd.com
305 IBRACO BERHAD [S] http://www.ibraco.com
306 ICAPITAL.BIZ BERHAD http://www.icapital.my
307 ICON OFFSHORE BERHAD [S] http://www.iconoffshore.com.my
309 IGB BERHAD http://www.igbbhd.com/
310 IGB REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST http://www.igbreit.com/
311 IHH HEALTHCARE BERHAD [S] http://www.ihhhealthcare.com/
312 IJM CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.ijm.com/
313 IJM PLANTATIONS BERHAD [S] http://www.ijm.com/
314 IKHMAS JAYA GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.ikhmasjaya.com/
315 IMASPRO CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.imaspro.com/
316 INARI AMERTRON BERHAD [S] http://www.inari-amertron.com
317 INCH KENNETH KAJANG RUBBER PUBLIC LTD CO [S] http://www.ikkr.com.my
318 INDUSTRONICS BERHAD [S] http://www.industronics.com.my
319 INNOPRISE PLANTATIONS BERHAD [S] http://innoprise.com.my/
320 INSAS BERHAD http://www.insas.net
321 INTA BINA GROUP BERHAD [S] http://intabina.com/
322 INTEGRATED LOGISTICS BHD http://www.ilb.com.my
323 IOI CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.ioigroup.com
324 IOI PROPERTIES GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.ioipropertiesgroup.com
325 IPMUDA BERHAD [S] http://www.ipmuda.com.my
326 IQ GROUP HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.iq-group.com
327 IRE-TEX CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.iretex.com.my/
328 IREKA CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.ireka.com.my
329 ISKANDAR WATERFRONT CITY BERHAD [S] http://www.tebrauteguh.com.my
330 IVORY PROPERTIES GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.ivory.com.my
331 JADI IMAGING HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.jadi.com.my
332 JAKS RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.jaks.com.my
333 JASA KITA BERHAD http://www.jasakita.com.my
334 JAYA TIASA HOLDINGS BHD [S] http://www.jayatiasa.net
335 JAYCORP BERHAD [S] http://www.jaycorp.com.my
336 JCBNEXT BERHAD http://jcbnext.com/
337 JCY INTERNATIONAL BERHAD [S] http://www.jcyinternational.com
338 JERASIA CAPITAL BERHAD http://www.jerasia.biz
339 JIANKUN INTERNATIONAL BERHAD [S] http://www.jki.com.my/
340 JKG LAND BERHAD [S] http://www.keladimaju.com
341 JMR CONGLOMERATION BERHAD [S] http://www.jmr.com.my
342 JOHAN HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.johanholdings.com
343 JOHORE TIN BERHAD [S] http://www.johoretin.com.my/
344 K-STAR SPORTS LIMITED http://www.kstarsports.com
345 K.SENG SENG CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.kssc.com.my
346 KAMDAR GROUP (M) BERHAD [S] http://www.kamdar.com.my
347 KARAMBUNAI CORP BHD http://www.karambunaicorp.com
348 KAREX BERHAD http://www.karex.com.my
349 KARYON INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.karyongroup.com.my
350 KAWAN FOOD BERHAD [S] http://www.kawanfood.com/
351 KECK SENG (MALAYSIA) BERHAD http://www.my.keckseng.com
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353 KELINGTON GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.kelington-group.com/
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363 KIM HIN INDUSTRY BERHAD [S] http://www.kimhin.com.my
364 KIM LOONG RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.kimloong.com.my/
365 KIMLUN CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.kimlun.com
366 KINSTEEL BHD http://www.kinsteel.com.my
367 KIP REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST http://www.kipreit.com.my/
368 KKB ENGINEERING BERHAD [S] http://www.kkbeb.com.my/
369 KLCC PROP&REITS-STAPLED SEC [S] http://www.klcc.com.my
370 KLUANG RUBBER COMPANY (MALAYA) BERHAD http://www.kluangrubber.com
371 KNM GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.knm-group.com
372 KNUSFORD BERHAD [S] http://www.knusford.com.my
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377 KOTRA INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.kotrapharma.com
378 KPJ HEALTHCARE BERHAD [S] http://www.kpjhealth.com.my
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381 KSL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.ksl.net.my/
382 KUALA LUMPUR KEPONG BERHAD [S] http://www.klk.com.my
383 KUANTAN FLOUR MILLS BHD [S] http://www.kfmb.com.my
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385 KUCHAI DEVELOPMENT BERHAD http://www.kuchaidevelopment.com
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390 KUMPULAN POWERNET BERHAD [S] http://www.powernet.com.my
391 KWANTAS CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.kwantas.com.my
392 KYM HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.kym.com.my
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402 LEBTECH BERHAD [S] http://www.lebtech.com.my/annual.htm
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406 LFE CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.lfe.com.my
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410 LION FOREST INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.lion.com.my/lionfib
411 LION INDUSTRIES CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.lion.com.my/lionind
412 LONDON BISCUITS BERHAD http://www.londonbiscuits.com.my
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416 LUSTER INDUSTRIES BHD. http://www.lustergroup.com
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430 MALAYSIA BUILDING SOCIETY BERHAD http://www.mbsb.com.my
434 MALAYSIA STEEL WORKS (KL) BHD [S] http://www.masteel.com.my
435 MALAYSIAN BULK CARRIERS BERHAD http://www.maybulk.com.my
437 MALAYSIAN RESOURCES CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.mrcb.com.my/main/index.php
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457 MENANG CORPORATION (M) BERHAD [S] http://www.menangcorporation.com
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460 MERGE ENERGY BHD [S] http://www.merge-energy.com.my
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489 MUI PROPERTIES BERHAD [S] http://www.muiproperties.com.my
490 MULPHA INTERNATIONAL BERHAD http://www.mulpha.com.my
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493 MY E.G. SERVICES BERHAD [S] http://www.myeg.com.my
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497 NATIONWIDE EXPRESS HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.nationwide2u.com
498 NEGRI SEMBILAN OIL PALMS BERHAD http://www.nsop.com.my
499 NESTLE (MALAYSIA) BERHAD [S] http://www.nestle.com.my/
500 NEW HOONG FATT HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.newhoongfatt.com.my
501 NEXTGREEN GLOBAL BERHAD [S] http://www.bhs.listedcompany.com
502 NI HSIN RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.ni-hsin.com
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507 NWP HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.nwp.com.my/
508 NYLEX (MALAYSIA) BERHAD [S] http://www.nylex.com
509 OCB BERHAD [S] http://www.ocbb.com.my
510 OCEANCASH PACIFIC BERHAD [S] http://www.oceancash.com.my/
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512 OCR GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.ocrbhd.com/
513 OKA CORPORATION BHD [S] http://www.oka.com.my/
514 OLYMPIA INDUSTRIES BERHAD http://www.oib.com.my
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518 ORIENTAL HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.ohb.com.my
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537 PASDEC HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.pasdec.com.my
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539 PBA HOLDINGS BHD [S] http://www.pbahb.com.my
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541 PDZ HOLDINGS BHD [S] http://www.pdzlines.com
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553 PESONA METRO HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.pesona.com.my
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555 PETRA ENERGY BERHAD [S] http://www.petraenergy.com.my
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557 PETRONAS CHEMICALS GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.petronaschemicals.com
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561 PIMPINAN EHSAN BERHAD http://www.pebhd.com/
562 PINEHILL PACIFIC BERHAD [S] http://www.pinepac.com.my
563 PINTARAS JAYA BHD [S] http://www.pintaras.com.my
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566 PLENITUDE BERHAD http://www.plenitude.com.my
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569 PNE PCB BERHAD [S] http://www.pne.com.sg
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571 POH KONG HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.pohkong.com.my
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579 PRG HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.prg.com.my/
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581 PRINSIPTEK CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.prinsiptek.com
583 PROLEXUS BERHAD [S] http://www.prolexus.com.my
584 PROTASCO BERHAD [S] http://www.protasco.com.my
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586 PUBLIC BANK BERHAD http://www.publicbank.com.my
587 PUBLIC PACKAGES HOLDINGS BHD [S] http://www.pph.com.my
588 PUNCAK NIAGA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.puncakniaga.com.my
589 PWF CONSOLIDATED BERHAD [S] http://www.pwconsolidated.com.my
590 QL RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.ql.com.my/
591 QUALITY CONCRETE HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.qchb.com.my
592 RALCO CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.ralcocorp.com.my/
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606 ROHAS TECNIC BERHAD [S] http://www.rohastecnic.com/
607 RUBBEREX CORPORATION (M) BERHAD [S] http://www.rubberex-corp.com.my
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609 SALUTICA BERHAD [S] http://www.salutica.com
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612 SANBUMI HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.sanbumi.com.my
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621 SASBADI HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.sasbadiholdings.com
622 SAUDEE GROUP BERHAD [S] http://saudee.com/
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626 SCICOM (MSC) BERHAD [S] http://www.scicom-intl.com
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630 SEACERA GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.seacera.com.my
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640 SEREMBAN ENGINEERING BERHAD http://www.seb.net.my
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642 SHANGRI-LA HOTELS (MALAYSIA) BERHAD http://www.shangri-la.com
643 SHH RESOURCES HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.shh.com.my
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650 SIME DARBY PROPERTY BERHAD [S] https://www.simedarbyproperty.com/
651 SIN HENG CHAN (MALAYA) BERHAD [S] http://www.shcm.com.my/
652 SINMAH CAPITAL BERHAD [S] http://www.sinmah.com.my
653 SINO HUA-AN INTERNATIONAL BERHAD [S] http://www.sinohuaan.com
654 SINOTOP HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.sinotop.com.my
655 SKB SHUTTERS CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.skb-shutters.com
656 SKP RESOURCES BHD [S] http://www.skpres.com
657 SLP RESOURCES BERHAD http://www.sinliplas.com.my
658 SMIS CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.smis.com.my
659 SOLID AUTOMOTIVE BERHAD [S] http://www.solidautomotive.com
660 SOUTH MALAYSIA INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.smib.com.my
661 SOUTHERN ACIDS (M) BERHAD [S] http://www.southernacids.com
662 SOUTHERN STEEL BERHAD http://www.southsteel.com/
663 S P SETIA BERHAD [S] http://www.spsetia.com.my
664 SPRING GALLERY BERHAD [S] http://www.asian-pottery.com/
665 SPRITZER BHD [S] http://www.spritzer.com.my
666 STAR MEDIA GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.thestar.com.my
667 STONE MASTER CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.smcb.com.my
668 SUBUR TIASA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] https://www.suburtiasa.com/
669 SUCCESS TRANSFORMER CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.stcgroup.com.my
670 SUIWAH CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.suiwah.com.my
671 SUMATEC RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.sumatec.com
672 SUNGEI BAGAN RUBBER COMPANY (MALAYA) BERHAD http://www.sungeibagan.com
673 SUNSURIA BERHAD [S] http://www.sunsuria.com/
674 SUNWAY BERHAD [S] http://www.sunway.com.my
675 SUNWAY CONSTRUCTION GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.suncon.com.my/
676 SUNWAY REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST http://www.sunwayreit.com
677 SUPERLON HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.superlon.com.my
678 SUPERMAX CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.supermax.com.my
679 SURIA CAPITAL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.suriagroup.com.my/
680 SWS CAPITAL BERHAD [S] http://www.swscap.com
681 SYARIKAT TAKAFUL MALAYSIA KELUARGA BERHAD [S] http://www.takaful-malaysia.com.my
682 SYCAL VENTURES BERHAD http://www.sycalberhad.com
683 SYF RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.syf.com.my/
684 SYMPHONY LIFE BERHAD [S] http://www.symphonylife.my
685 T7 GLOBAL BERHAD [S] http://www.t7global.com.my/
686 TA ANN HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.taann.com.my
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688 TA GLOBAL BERHAD http://www.taglobal.com.my/
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690 TADMAX RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.tadmax.com.my
691 TAFI INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.tafi.com.my
692 TALAM TRANSFORM BERHAD [S] http://www.ttransform.com.my
693 TALIWORKS CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.taliworks.com.my/
694 TAMBUN INDAH LAND BERHAD [S] http://www.tambunindah.com
695 TAN CHONG MOTOR HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.tanchonggroup.com/
696 TANCO HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.tancoholdings.com
697 TAS OFFSHORE BERHAD [S] http://www.tasoffshore.com
698 TASCO BERHAD http://www.tasco.com.my
699 TASEK CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.tasekcement.com
700 TATT GIAP GROUP BERHAD http://www.tattgiap.com.my
701 TDM BERHAD http://www.tdmberhad.com.my/
702 TECHBOND GROUP BERHAD http://www.techbond.com.my/
703 TECK GUAN PERDANA BERHAD http://www.teckguan.com/TGP
704 TEK SENG HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.tekseng.com.my
705 TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD [S] http://www.tm.com.my
706 TENAGA NASIONAL BHD [S] http://www.tnb.com.my
707 TEO GUAN LEE CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.tglcorp.com.my
708 TEO SENG CAPITAL BERHAD http://www.teoseng.com.my
709 TEXCHEM RESOURCES BERHAD http://www.texchemgroup.com
710 TH HEAVY ENGINEERING BERHAD [S] http://www.ramunia.com
711 TH PLANTATIONS BERHAD [S] http://thplantations.com.my/thp/
712 THETA EDGE BERHAD [S] http://www.theta-edge.com/
713 THONG GUAN INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] http://www.thongguan.com
714 THREE-A RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.three-a.com.my
715 THRIVEN GLOBAL BERHAD [S] http://thriven.com.my/
716 TIEN WAH PRESS HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.tienwah.com
717 TIGER SYNERGY BERHAD [S] http://www.tigersynergy.my/
718 TIMBERWELL BERHAD [S] http://timwell.com.my/
719 TIME DOTCOM BERHAD [S] http://www.time.com.my
720 TIONG NAM LOGISTICS HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.tiongnam.com
721 TITIJAYA LAND BERHAD [S] http://www.titijaya.com.my
722 TMC LIFE SCIENCES BERHAD http://www.tmclife.com
723 TOMEI CONSOLIDATED BERHAD http://www.tomei.com.my/
724 TOMYPAK HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.tomypak.com.my
725 TONG HERR RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://tong.com.my/
726 TOP GLOVE CORPORATION BHD [S] http://www.topglove.com/
727 TOWER REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST http://www.tower-reit.com.my
728 TOYO INK GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.toyoink.com.my
729 TPC PLUS BERHAD [S] http://www.tpc.com.my
730 TRANSOCEAN HOLDINGS BHD [S] http://www.transocean.com.my
731 TRC SYNERGY BERHAD [S] http://www.trc.com.my
732 TRIVE PROPERTY GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.etitech.com.my
733 TROPICANA CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.dijaya.com.my
734 TSH RESOURCES BERHAD [S] http://www.tsh.com.my
735 TSR CAPITAL BERHAD [S] http://www.tsrcap.com.my
736 TUNE PROTECT GROUP BERHAD http://www.tuneinsurance.com
737 TURBO-MECH BERHAD http://www.turbomech.com.my
738 TURIYA BERHAD [S] http://www.turiya.com.my
739 UCHI TECHNOLOGIES BERHAD [S] http://www.uchi.net
740 UEM EDGENTA BERHAD [S] http://www.uemedgenta.com
741 UEM SUNRISE BERHAD [S] http://www.uemsunrise.com
742 UMS HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.umsh.com
743 UMS-NEIKEN GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.ums-neiken.com/
744 UMW HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.umw.com.my
745 UNIMECH GROUP BERHAD [S] http://www.unimechgroup.com
746 UNISEM (M) BERHAD [S] http://www.unisemgroup.com
747 UNITED MALACCA BERHAD [S] http://www.unitedmalacca.com.my
748 UNITED PLANTATIONS BERHAD [S] http://www.unitedplantations.com
749 UNITED U-LI CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.uli.com.my
750 UOA DEVELOPMENT BHD [S] http://www.uoadev.com.my
751 UOA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST http://www.uoareit.com.my
752 UPA CORPORATION BHD [S] http://www.upa.com.my
753 UTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD [S] http://www.utusangroup.com.my
754 UZMA BERHAD [S] http://www.uzmagroup.com
755 V.S. INDUSTRY BERHAD [S] http://www.vs-i.com
756 VELESTO ENERGY BERHAD [S] http://www.umw-oilgas.com
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761 VSTECS BERHAD [S] http://www.ecsm.com.my
762 WAH SEONG CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.wahseong.com
763 WANG-ZHENG BERHAD http://www.wangzhengberhad.com
764 WARISAN TC HOLDINGS BERHAD http://www.warisantc.com/
765 WATTA HOLDING BERHAD [S] http://www.watta.com.my
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768 WELLCALL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://wellcallholdings.com/
769 WESTPORTS HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.westportsmalaysia.com
770 WHITE HORSE BERHAD [S] http://www.whitehorse.com.my
771 WIDETECH (MALAYSIA) BERHAD http://www.widetechbhd.com.my
772 WILLOWGLEN MSC BERHAD [S] http://www.willowglen.com.my/
773 WMG HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.wmghb.com.my/
775 WOODLANDOR HOLDINGS BHD [S] http://www.woodlandor.com.my
776 WTK HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.wtkholdings.com
777 WZ SATU BERHAD [S] http://www.wengzheng.com/
778 XIAN LENG HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.xianleng.com.my
779 XIDELANG HOLDINGS LTD http://www.xidelang.com/
780 XIN HWA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.xinhwa.com.my/
781 XINGQUAN INTERNATIONAL SPORTS HOLDINGS LIMITED http://www.xingquan-international.com
782 Y&G CORPORATION BHD [S] http://www.ygcorp.com.my
783 Y.S.P.SOUTHEAST ASIA HOLDING BERHAD [S] http://www.yspsah.com
784 YEE LEE CORPORATION BHD [S] http://www.yeelee.com.my
785 YFG BERHAD http://www.yfg.my
786 YI-LAI BERHAD http://www.alpha-tiles.com.my
787 YINSON HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.yinson.com.my
788 YKGI HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.ykgi.com.my
789 YLI HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] http://www.yli.com.my
790 YNH PROPERTY BERHAD http://www.ynhb.com.my
791 YONG TAI BERHAD [S] http://www.yongtai.com.my
792 YOONG ONN CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://yoongonn.com
793 YTL CORPORATION BERHAD http://www.ytl.com.my/
794 YTL HOSPITALITY REIT http://www.starhillreit.com/
795 YTL LAND & DEVELOPMENT BERHAD http://www.ytl.com.my/
796 YTL POWER INTERNATIONAL BHD http://www.ytl.com.my/index.asp
797 ZECON BERHAD [S] http://www.zecon.com.my
798 ZELAN BERHAD [S] http://www.zelan.com
799  ZHULIAN CORPORATION BERHAD [S] http://www.zhulian.com